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Key Issues Before Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is now a fully developed technology that is capable of giving back many people’s dreams and, in turn, their lost hair. This intervention is getting more and more popular. Still, there are many questions, so we have collected some of the important factors that you have to look out for before you choose a clinic.

Most people are obviously starting to search on the internet to look for the options. Many times, however, it is not easy to decide which information is important and how do you know exactly what do you need to step on the way of change.

hair transplant question

1. Which Hair Transplant Specialist Should You Trust In?

Perhaps this is one of the most important questions, as you will put your fate into his or her hands. It is crucial that when you find an advertisement or website, firstly look at who runs that clinic. Since hair transplantation is part of the plastic surgery industry, it is clear that the specialist must be a plastic surgeon. In addition, it is very important to see what kind of introduction you find about them, as it will be obvious at first sight that they are appealing or not, and whether you can rely on them. In the latter, it also plays a decisive role that what domestic and international relationships the doctor and the clinic have, and of course the amount of information about the clinic and the procedure itself are imperative as well. Be sure to look around properly before you move on to the next step!

2. What Kind of Technology is Used at the Clinic?

After the specialist, the second most important factor is the technology you can encounter on the website and how accurately it is presented. It is very important for the clinic to follow innovation trends, or to offer some innovation among the firsts. According to this, more prepared clinics already use the Safe System-FUE method for hair transplant, as opposed to traditional FUE or even older strip techniques. A more advanced method does not exist yet, only robotic intervention, which is still under development and requires the same amount of staff and skill and does not produce better results. So it is imperative to look at the method you can see.

3. Hair Transplant Prices

It is natural to check the costs of hair transplantation. This is not just an important factor for your budget, it can also tell a lot about the method and the clinic. If something is too cheap, it’s unfortunately reasonable that you are scared to see if you will get what you want. Rather choose premium quality service and decide which one you see as the best and most reliable, and what tools the clinic is using. As you know, the old saying has to be very true that „cheap meat is thin on the palate”.

4. The Consultation

Once you have all the information you need to contact the chosen clinic, the next important step will be the consultation itself. First of all, it is crucial to ask whether you will meet with the specialist at the time of the consultation or not. In the case of the latter, that place must be ruled out of the list, as you can only make the right decision if you know personally the doctor who will be responsible for the future of your appearance. n addition, of course, only the specialist can provide credible and comprehensive answers to your questions. If this question is clarified, a personal meeting can be actually arranged, during which it is also important to note a few things: how much time is spent on you, how accurately the steps of the treatment are being clarified, and how the examination and the planning of the operation happens and with what kind of devices.

5. Get to Know the Steps of Hair Transplantation

It is imperative to be aware that hair transplantation has no immediate result. So before surgery, it is important to clarify the regeneration process and the expected outcome. After surgery, you may think that it wasn’t worth it since the transplanted hair will fall out in the first month as a natural phase, which is completely normal. You shouldn’t be scared, but you are informed fully by your doctor, you certainly won’t have any fears. The growth of the hair will then begin gradually. The most important milestones will be when changes occur in the 3rd, 6th and 9th months, but one whole year has to pass after the operation to see the final results. You must be also provided with clarification on the various stages of regeneration and hair development, and these phases should be checked by follow-up exams. It is also essential for the patients that if they have a problem or question at any time, contact the hair transplant clinic without hesitation.

Therefore, all of the factors mentioned above are of decisive importance in choosing the right clinic and specialist physician for yourself. If all of your questions are answered and all doubts are dissolved, you can be sure that you are in the right place!