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Hair Transplant Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Hair Transplantation

What kind of tests are needed before a hair transplant?

Firstly, a personal consultation is required before any intervention. In the consultation, we get comprehensive information on the cause of hair loss and your visions and expectations. After these, you will fill out a general health status survey, followed by the manual examination with magnifying glasses and a special hair and scalp analyzer to check the quality and quantity of the existing hair.

Finally comes the design of the future hairline, where the hairline is modeled according to your needs, with realistic expectations in mind. Before carrying out an intervention, it is important to carry out a detailed blood test.

Can complications occur during hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is always performed on healthy patients, so complications cannot be expected actually. After surgery, tissue swelling (edema), itching and peeling are expected to be alleviated by special cooling liquid and cooling pads.

When is the end result of hair transplantation expected?

After the intervention, the transplanted hairs will fall out within a few weeks, go into dormant state and then reactivate and grow out. Final results can be seen from 9-13 month, this is different for each patient due to hair growth cycles.

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