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Only a Few Know about the Connection

Exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Whether we are talking about a pleasant stroll or more active sports, it is a good thing to do. However, few people know what consequences sports activity can bring.


The life of professional athletes, as you know, is completely different from your everyday life. Huge physical workload, an endless number of exercises. The frequency and strength of training sessions are not an easy way of life. Anyone who chooses this path must expect some inconvenience. Among other things, the condition of the hair can also be affected by the fact that sport means the career or perhaps the whole life.

Those who are preparing for Olympics, world championships and other great sporting events day by day, the physical burden on them falls into a completely different category. It can be noticed that hair loss is very common among active sportsmen. This is not a coincidence, as some physical activity can cause hormonal changes in the body that promote the acceleration of androgenic alopecia (men-pattern baldness). And the problem affects not just men, but women as well.

The testosterone hormone plays an important role in the concentration and in the functioning of the metabolism. It also has an important function in muscle building. This is, of course, a key issue for an athlete. However, the same hormone can be responsible for the deterioration of hair follicles. Therefore, if someone is susceptible to hereditary hair loss, intensive exercise, unfortunately, speeds up this unpleasant process. In most cases, it affects those who do short, but very intense exercises (e.g. short-distance running, long-jumping or weight-lifting). But, of course, other professional athletes can also have the discomfort triggered by testosterone.

Unfortunately, this hair loss, which may start very early, is an irreversible process. However, you should not be worried because there is a solution to the problem. Baldness can be delayed by a therapy that activates hair follicles like the autologous fat transfer (also known as fat grafting or lipofilling). In addition, there is a help to eliminate already existing bald spots. Hair transplantation – utilizing donor sites where testosterone cannot have any unpleasant effects – is a perfect remedy for permanent traces of genetic hair loss.

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