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Additional Treatment at Premium Hair Clinic Budapest

Autologous Fat Transfer (also known as Fat Grafting or Lipofilling) is a breakthrough in hair transplantation since it has been applied to other purposes in the past. However, regarding the principle of its essence, it is a perfect help to supplement the reliable remedy of hair loss.

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Fat grafting has so far been used mostly in facial rejuvenation. By using it, rapid change can be achieved without the use of foreign materials. For example, the undereye area can be filled with autologous fat, but “angry wrinkles” between the eyebrows can be eliminated as well, and you can even get rid of the so-called laugh lines (nasolabial folds).

Also, lipofilling therapy can be used against cartilage wear, which in many cases makes avoidable prosthesis surgery that is known as the only one solution to this problem. The method can also be used to treat joint diseases, and inflammations causing pain.

In terms of hair transplantation, fat grafting therapy works the same way as in other areas. As a first step, the patient undergoes a liposuction, usually from the abdomen. Then the extracted fat is passed through a special cleaning and concentrating process. This way, especially important components will be injected into the scalp which is especially important for the hair follicles, and they can have a beneficial effect on both the strength and the growth of the hair.

Autologous fat contains stem cells that stimulate the growth of the hair. As this is true for transplanted follicles and for existing but dormant ones as well, we can achieve a particularly successful effect on women’s and men’s hair loss with this supplemental procedure before hair transplant. In addition to stem cells, fat tissues also contain hormones, growth factors, and so-called cytokines (information-transferring molecules). Thanks to the special concentration of ingredients mixed by mother nature, the concentration of male sex hormones is reduced, together with the testosterone levels found in the tissues. Since this is one of the main causes of masculine baldness, we can certainly expect a positive effect from the treatment.

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What is more, autologous fat transfer into the scalp increases blood vessel metabolism, thus providing better blood flow, facilitating faster healing. In addition, the treatment has a beneficial effect on inflammatory processes, preventing further hair loss and assisting hair growth after transplantation. Thanks to the therapy, faster hair growth and healing, fewer scars and more perfect results can be expected.

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