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Not Only Genetic Hair Loss May Leave Permanent Bald Spots

There are many causes of hair loss, many of which can be solved. However, besides the genetic origin of hair loss, there is, unfortunately, a case where the process is irreversible.

One possible – and the most frequent – cause if you do not notice the problem in time and do not act immediately. Hair loss may result in permanent bald spots and scars, but can be seized by its collar in early stages. This type of baldness may occur in any sex and age. In the background, there are a lot of reasons, ranging from various scalp infections to autoimmune diseases.


A psychological problem is also worth mentioning that makes people pulling out their own hair. In such a case, the most important is the reaction of the environment, since the patient may not notice what he or she is doing or can not do anything against this harmful activity at all.

In the aforementioned situations, the hair follicles will give up after a while and die, leaving permanent bald spots on the head. That is exactly why the problem is visible soon enough, because the damaged scalp is already noticeable, and the ever-growing, bald spots quickly draw attention. Critical areas only extend more and more if you do nothing against the process.

It is a good thing that hair loss in these cases can be completely stopped, in contrast to male baldness. Because it is enough to treat “only” the root causes. This, of course, is not as simple as it sounds, but if you meet the challenge soon, you can save your hair from further balding.

Whether a therapy, medication or even easier method is the key, if you specifically address the problem, then you have a chance to win. However, you should not forget that the damages already suffered by your hair also have to be solved. Because dead follicles will no longer be able to produce new hair.

In this case, hair transplantation can be the perfect solution for inherited baldness – just as in the case of androgenic hair loss. This means that a complex solution is required. First, the causes of hair loss must be eliminated and remedied. Then with the help of hair transplant, we can eliminate the damages that have been made so far. This way, healing will be complete.

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