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Better to Pay Attention for a Few Things

Hair loss is a dreaded phenomenon for everyone, both men and women. Many people do not know how much their lifestyle affects their condition. Here are some important things that you should keep in mind to prevent hair loss. We will talk about the harmful habits mentioned in the previous article.

It is possible that it sounds hackneyed, but it does really matter what kind of nutrition your body gets. If you have a vitamin deficiency, your body can show very drastic signs pretty soon, such as hair loss.

However, you should not go from one extreme to the other. In fact, overdosing of certain vitamins, such as Vitamin A, is also often responsible for the deterioration of hair follicles. In all cases, it is good to find the golden mean, and ask for help if for this if needed.


Harmful habits such as smoking or excessive alcohol consumption may also result in hair problems. Because these addictions have a negative effect on your whole body, it is no wonder your hair follicles cease to function and become atrophied. Instead of these, you should drink enough water, as insufficient water consumption can also cause hair loss.

It is very important to note that improper hair washing or hair drying can cause unexpected inconveniences. If we wash our hair too frequently, it also removes the protective layers, so there will be nothing to protect your hair from harmful external effects. However, if you wash your hair too rarely, the dirt will cause trouble. You must aim at the balance in all respects. Do not hold the hair dryer too close to the hair as the hot air may damage your hair.

It will also lead to bad results if you use too many hair styling tools that are cruelly try to keep your hairstyle in a way that is completely contradicted by its natural state. And we should mention hair styling products, which are also harmful to hair follicles if you use them too frequently.

All of the above-mentioned harmful habits can lead to hair loss, or they might accelerate it. That is why if you find that the condition of your hair is worsening and you lose more and more hair, you have to think about yourself as the possible main culprit. Of course, there may be a lot of other causes of hair loss in which you are “innocent”. For example, genetic factors, which affect men in particular. In that case, a hair transplant can be the only final solution to our problem. It is good if you look at the condition of your hair if you are affected. The process can be slowed down by autologous fat transfer (fat grafting, lipofilling) therapy.

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