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The Answer to One of the Biggest Questions

It is natural that people feel frightened before any surgical intervention involving needles and painkillers. That is the situation with hair transplantation, too. Moreover, very few people are familiar with the procedure, so they are even more afraid to make the decision.

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But what kind of pain accompanies the hair transplant procedure? Should you be afraid that it is hard to tolerate? What discomforts should you expect during and after? These questions naturally come to everyone’s mind who is just before hair transplantation or just toys with the idea to choose this medical intervention against hair loss.

Regarding the procedure of hair transplant, you need to know that we talking about a highly mature technology that requires total perfectionism with the tools, the environment, and professionalism. With this, you can exclude many doubts, but let’s really deal with the painful parts…

Hair transplantation takes place under local anesthesia, which means that after the small inconvenience of the first injection, practically you do not feel anything. Of course, you know that we are working on you, but it is totally painless. Thus, we can exclude that the intervention itself would be painful.

In addition, careful attention is paid to your comfort, so the only inconvenience in hair transplant is that you have to spend that few hours in one place. But this may not be so much trouble in today’s fast-paced world: you may even seize the opportunity to relax at least a bit.

Of course, as with any surgery, you also need to expect some recovery time, which can cause minor inconveniences. For example, you may feel some swelling because of the anesthetics, but it will disappear in a couple of days. After the hair transplant, it is important to be careful about the affected area. This requires some attention, but it cannot be called “discomfort”. There may also be small pimples that will soon disappear. But you do not have to worry about pain even after the intervention.

So we can put an end to your fears if you did not dare to say yes to hair transplantation yet because you were afraid of pain. Those few inconveniences, which may accompany the intervention, are quite worth it. Your bald patches will be long gone, and thanks to this final solution, you no longer have to look into the mirror with disappointment.

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