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If You Want Thicker Stubble or Beard

Sporting some stubble or a bigger beard is still fashionable. This is O.K., as masculine facial hair can be very attractive. It makes its wearer look strong and reliable, which can also be appealing to the ladies. The beard that strengthens the masculinity, or the sexy stubble look very good on many men, and choosing this look is the right decision for them.

But what if the facial hair is not suitable for this? Unfortunately, in this case, you do not get the appearance and effect you want. What is more, many times the opposite happens. Deficient, patchy facial hair is a bit boyish, and the sparser parts make the whole picture worse.


In our previous article, you have already learned about another use of the hair transplantation procedure, the eyebrow transplantation. However, this improved method can not only be applied to those parts. Besides women and men with sparse eyebrows, this method can help gentlemen with lack of facial hair.

The concept of the intervention is, therefore, the same as in hair transplant. During the beard transplant, hair follicles are obtained from your own donor areas, usually from the back of the head, which are then relocated with extreme precision to the hairless areas of the face. Here too, it is very important that the end result will be completely natural. This is achieved by getting such a rich facial hair as if such dense beard would have been given by nature.

After the procedure, of course, you have to expect that the transplanted hair follicles will fall out first. It’s a natural process, just like in hair transplant. After that, the follicles will be re-activated and in about 3-6 months the final result will be visible.

After beard transplant, you will just have to find out which beard style is the best for you, in what form you would like to wear this masculine “jewel”. Sparse parts disappear, so there will be no obstacle to appear with a rich stubble or longer beard. Only your style and imagination can limit your ideas. The shape you shave your facial hair is just up to you – your former problem will not affect your masculine image anymore.

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