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Measuring the Extent of Male Pattern Baldness

There are several different scales to classify the degree and extension rate of baldness by type. The Norwood scale is one of the most common of them, which defines the levels of male-type hair loss. The scale lets you see what level of balding is on and what you can do about it.

On the first and second stages, there is a noticeable change in the front of the hairline. This is not a big deal for many, but at this stage, you have even more opportunities to detain this unpleasant process. For example, with autologous fat transfer (also known as fat grafting or lipofilling) therapy, you can still do a lot to slow down the balding and to revive the hair follicles in the dormant phase.

Norwoodnorwood skála

While in the second stage it is worth thinking about hair transplant to eliminate the so-called “Mickey Mouse” effect, this medical intervention is certainly recommended in the third stage. Different categories are also distinguished within this level based on the pattern in which the bald parts are spreading. The line of the forehead may even rise up to the center of the head, and hairless spots may occur on the top.

Usually, men are beginning to deal better with the problem in the latter stage, since the change is very spectacular. And this change affects them really badly. It is therefore worth turning to hair transplant, since even a one-day procedure may be enough to make the intervention successful, as fewer follicles need to be transplanted.

In the next, fourth and fifth stages, hair transplantation is still a solution to the problem. At this point, however, two-day intervention is required, and it is also possible that you will have to book a new appointment for hair thickening in the future. In this case, it is especially recommended to supplement the hair transplant with the aforementioned autologous fat transfer, which is beneficial for everyone, providing faster healing and better results.

Regarding the last stages of the Norwood scale, we are talking about a very advanced, drastic balding. In these cases, unfortunately, hair transplant is not an option, because too small and inadequate hairs would be available on the possible donor areas. So it is very important not to wait until you reach this level. If you are disturbed by the increasing spread of baldness, and you cannot live with it, contact our clinic as soon as possible. Hair transplantation not only saves your hairstyle, but it means a permanent solution.

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