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What are the Reasons Behind Male Hair Loss?

There are different types of hair loss, but it can be stated that the highest proportion of hair loss affects men. That is why we call androgenic hair loss male hair loss. But what could be the background to this?

The most common factor in the early onset of hair thinning is genetics itself. Hereditary hair loss is easily recognizable as hair thinning and bald spots start to occur in so special patterns that can not leave any doubt what you are faced with. First, the line of hair usually starts to retract on the temples, and then the hair begins to thin on the top of the head. Finally, there are hairs only on the side or on the back of the head where the follicles are insensitive to hormonal changes.
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Of course, it is not factual that we start to bald just like our parents or grandparents, but taking into account the inheritance factor, this can, in any case, be a sign of what we can expect for our own hair. The starting time, rate, and speed of hair loss vary, of course, individually.

In addition to genetics, hormones also play an important role in hair thinning, the most important being testosterone. This hormone is responsible for the formation of masculine characteristics. For a lot of people, it is a painful paradox that while this hormone is responsible, for example, for male facial hair, the onset of baldness can also be written on its account. Testosterone not only shortens the hair growth cycle but it also sensitively affects the hair follicles. That’s why hair fibers gradually start to thin and then die.

Last but not least, age plays a decisive role in male hair loss. As the human body changes over time and unfortunately starts to deteriorate, it will be less resistant to external influences. So, also unfortunately, with the external factors affecting the hair, it can not fight them as before.

All in all, it is quite understandable that an exceptionally high percentage of men will encounter unexpected baldness sooner or later. Of course, there are lucky people who are not affected by the aforementioned genetic and hormonal causes. They will have to face a bit of thinning because of their age, and the nightmare of young men will completely avoid them. That is why they can rightly be envied by others.

The majority, however, will sooner or later have to face this unpleasant process, which can be only slowed down, but no longer reversed. But there is also a solution for letting the bald spots disappear. With hair transplantation, you can get your lost hair back – along with your confidence.