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There Are More Types Than You Would Think

When hearing the expression “hair loss”, everybody has their stomach lurched with nerves, as most people are afraid of this phenomenon. On the one hand, this is because of their looks, since the hair one of the most important physical features for everyone. On the other hand, they are aware that hair loss can never mean any good.

This is true, as this unpleasant process may indicate a number of illnesses, telling on bad habits threatening your health, or just a cruel reminder of the passing time. But now let’s take a look at the actual types of hair loss.

One of the largest categories is temporary hair loss. In such cases, a number of factors may cause your hair to fall out, so you need to ask for help from an expert to find out the cause. It can be the result of an illness or a side effect of a medication. In women, hormonal changes often cause hair loss (e.g. pregnancy, giving birth, hormonal contraception). In addition, there are a lot of harmful habits that could be listed here as a reason, but those may be present in the description of all other hair loss types. They all speed up the process, in every case. The list would be so long that we will present the details in our next article.

Of course, everybody thinks hair loss that accompanies aging is normal. As with the rest of your body, the scalp and the follicles begin to age as well, which then results in hair loss. Although this process seems natural, it is certainly annoying, and there is a solution to it, which we will talk about soon.


The most frequently occurring kind of baldness is the hereditary androgenic alopecia, the men-pattern hair loss. This is very similar to the hair loss caused by the natural aging process, but unfortunately, it may begin very early. There is not much to do about it because it is encoded in your genetics. That is why we call it permanent baldness.

Permanent bald spots may also be caused by diseases such as autoimmune disorders that attack the scalp. This kind of hair loss belongs to the irreversible balding category, as well as trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder), or untreated scalp diseases that cause hair loss with scars.

Whichever category your hair loss belong to, it is very important that you know you can do against it. First of all, the root causes must be remedied where possible. Then you can start restoring the hair. For temporary hair loss, for example, autologous fat transfer (also known as fat grafting or lipofilling) may be a perfect standalone treatment. In the case of bald spots, hair transplant is the only solution, which is the main enemy of genetic baldness.

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