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S.A.F.E System-FUE Hair Transplant

Hair Transplantation

Innovative Method with Fat Grafting Therapy

S.A.F.E. System-FUE is the most up-to-date hair transplantation method that can be used to create the same natural density and effect as the original (before hair loss) state. This is the improved version of the revolutionary new and innovative technology called FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) from the United States.

The meaning of the abbreviation „S.A.F.E.” is Surgically Advanced Follicular Extraction, a surgically improved hair follicle unit transplantation. The difference in the procedure compared to the traditional FUE intervention is that instead of a sharp cutter needle, a blunt titanium needle is used, which is connected to a motorized machine for a very fast oscillating movement. It cuts around the follicles more gently, with less trauma and more precision. Working with it makes possible to treat patients with weak, curly, gray, or light-colored hair.

Hair transplantation with conventional FUE technique could have reached up to 30% of the number of broken hair follicles, but according to medical studies, with S.A.F.E. System-FUE, this proportion is only 3%! Due to the motor drive, it is possible to remove multiple grafts during a certain amount of time, which reduces the total time of the intervention. Because of the size of the blunt cutting needle’s head (0.5-1 mm) only very small, invisible puncture scars are created on the donor side (the side from which we remove the hair follicles to be transplanted). This technique is also ideal for those who love their hair shortly.

Due to the minimally invasive technique, pain after surgery is reduced and recovery time is much shorter than conventional hair transplantation techniques.

Fat Grafting

Recommended Supplementary Treatment

The use of autologous fat transfer is a proven and effective way to rejuvenate the face and treat the contour deformities. In the area of hair transplantation, the use of the patient’s own fat tissues as stem cell therapy has been also scientifically proven. At our clinic, the Safe System-FUE hair transplant is recommended to be combined with the use of fat grafting (lipofilling) on the scalp, as stem cells and growth factors in the autologous fat tissues contribute to improving the state of the relocated hair follicles and achieve faster hair growth and reduce post-operative scarring.

Autologous fat tissues not only contain stem cells but also hormones, growth factors, and cytokines (information transfer molecules). The latter reduces the concentration of androgens (male sex hormones), including testosterone in the tissues, and increase blood vessel metabolism, thereby providing better blood flow, ultimately preventing inflammatory processes that may result in hair loss.

Thanks his experience in Hungary and abroad, Dr. Greg Pataki, our chief physician is one of the leaders of the development of this method: the aesthetic and restorative application of autologous fat tissues.

Efficiency analysis

Safe System FUE Hair Transplant with Fat Grafting 97%
Safe System FUE Hair Transplant 94%
FUE Hair Transplant 90%
Strip Hair Transplant 70%
Hair Transplant Reviews

Our Patients said

I think that such professional standards would be expected in all areas of medicine. The expertise and innovation I got to know at the clinic literally amazed me. Thank you for the opportunity and quality service.

János Mózes

My dream came true! I already see the full head of hair will be definitely what I wanted after my Hair Transplantation. Thanks to Dr. Pataki for his selfless help and the team’s work.

József Bekk


Frequently asked questions before Hair Transplant

Do you have questions about hair transplantation? We have summarized the most frequently asked questions and the most important information that you should know before the intervention.
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