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Hair Transplant with Fat Grafting

Hair Transplant with Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting Therapy

In the field of hair transplantation, autologous fat transfer allows for a more beautiful, natural result with its regenerative and adhesion enhancing effect. The presence of connective tissue stem cells in fatty tissues is scientifically justified. At our clinic, the S.A.F.E. System-FUE hair transplant is recommended to be combined with lipofilling therapy (which is also called fat grafting) on the scalp, as stem cells and growth factors in the patients’ own fatty tissue contribute to improving the condition of the relocated hair follicles and achieve faster hair growth and reduce post-operative scarring.

Dr. Greg Pataki, head of the Premium Hair Clinic Budapest, has also gained a lot of experience in Hungary and abroad in the use of fat grafting therapy so we can safely say that he is among the leaders in developing and utilizing this innovative technique, and the first doctor who uses it in hair transplantation in Hungary.

Hair Transplant, Fat Grafting Therapy

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Hair Transplant

The solution for inherited baldness with the latest Safe System-FUE hair transplantation method, supplemental fat transfer (lipofilling) therapy.

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Fat Grafting Therapy

Stand-alone therapy for both women and men against hair loss or with Hair Transplant. Increases the rate of hair growth and the density of hair follicles